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Illuminaughtii’s YouTube channel is one that I frequent for hot goss on the latest MLM failures and other news of fraud, scandals, and just all around bad behavior that pervades the landscape. Her scathing yet fair reviews can always be counted on to let her viewers know which brands and companies they may want to avoid for their pure sketchiness factor. Usually these are things that I already try to avoid. As a woman in my 30’s , I’ve been roped into many “parties” and “get togethers” that are a front for hawking some shady MLM products and I’ve been…

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Many of us have been stuck in our homes for over a year due to a plague spreading across the globe. This is compounded with snow storms sweeping the nation and keeping us inside for even longer. I suppose I’m lucky not to be snowed in now, we are just facing floods similar to Noah’s in weather that is less than warm. As for the quarantine, I live in a state where stupidity prevails and the lockdown was barely a thing here. …

Spoilers for ‘Gretel and Hansel’

‘Gretel and Hansel’ is a 2020 horror fantasy directed by Oz Perkins. The movie, much like the reversed names in the title would suggest, focuses on the eponymous Gretel more than her younger brother of Grimm’s fame. Putting young Hansel in the backseat in the role of annoying younger brother. The movie opens with Gretel in the midst of blossoming into a woman (played by scream queen Sophia Lillis- who was the standout as Bev in the new It series). Gretel is tasked with going out to find work to earn money for her family…

Minor spoilers for the film ‘Eli’

Eli and his mother photo source IMDB

‘Eli’ is a 2019 horror movie directed by Ciaran Foy. The movie centers around the titular Eli and his struggle with a disorder that makes him highly allergic to the world around him. He lives in a literal bubble, he needs a suit similar to a space suit just to venture out into the world, and he is unable to interact with the world around him in any meaningful way. His parents are at their wits’ ends trying to find a solution for his myriad health problems. They end up investing almost all of…

I made Tiger King Characters for Dungeons and Dragons

So I’m bad at podcasting. OK. That’s me being hard on myself. I’m learning how to start something from the ground up and market something that I made. Long story short- I dropped an episode coming back to review Tiger King after more information has been revealed. I just released an episode on D&D, so I wanted to do something fun to announce both episodes at once. I made characters for Joe, Carole, and Doc Antle. They’re worth a look, even if you’ve never picked up a D20. You can find them here.

Doc Antle:

Joe Exotic:

Carole Baskin:

Real Talk 9000- I forced my husband to record our D&D episode of Horror Hoarders three times. I was worried that I would do something that would be blasphemous to the nerd community- make D&D boring.

D&D not being boring. The picture on the right is the one that I believe represents a Black Mass. What do you think? Picture from Art and Arcana Witwer, Newman, Peterson, Witwer

Although I’m relatively new to playing Dungeons and Dragons, I understand that the community is a dedicated one. There are people that have played for decades and have characters that they have played for 10 years or more. So the pressure was on to make an entertaining podcast that wasn’t pandering and talking down to people who weren’t familiar with the game, but I…

This is just a brief update on the Tiger King saga. I was listening to LPOTL this morning, catching up on it and they were talking about a story revealing that Don Lewis’ lawyer has come up with a theory on his disappearance/ death. He believes that Don was pushed from a plane over the Gulf of Mexico. His proof? Unclear! I’ll try to stay abreast of this story and see if anything comes of it.

The story starts at about 22 minutes.

When I was first introduced to Joe Exotic on Last Week Tonight in 2016, I never guessed that we’d be talking about him four years later. I never guessed that he’d dominate phone calls with my mom and that he would be a household name from his jail cell where he would sit for plotting murder. He was a colorful and laughable presidential candidate that didn’t have a chance in hell of ever winning, but in a way he did win.

Last Week Tonight went on to issue a statement on Twitter on March 29, 2020 saying in part…

Don’t you love a pleasant surprise? You find $20 in a pair of old jeans. There’s an onion ring in your fries. A random movie on Shudder isn’t absolutely terrible. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely not talking trash on the streaming service. Shudder is the only place to see the patron saint of pandemonium: Joe Bob Briggs. It’s also the only place I know of where you can see the absolute blood soaked delight- One Cut of the Dead. Pom! However, you can also play revulsion roulette by choosing a movie and trying to see what’s scarier —…

Giving a Second Effort a Second Chance

Horror snobs love our up and coming young directors. Entering into a new age of brilliant horror movies means ushering in a new host of horror greats. We embrace and will always hold up Romero, Carpenter, and Craven. We have Guillermo Del Toro, (sometimes) James Wan, and Ti West to look forward to seeing what they will do next. Then we have the young auteurs, the new directors that are causing hype and stirring conversation. Jordan Peele, Robert Eggers, and Ari Aster. …

Ramona Tyler

I am a Co-host of the Horror Hoarders Podcast. I write movie reviews, horror fiction, and partake in the “dark arts”.

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